Sunday, 4 May 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic summer collection photos and swatches

I I love it when MAC release a new seasonal makeup collection. All MAC fans probably share the same excitement that I do and to rush to get their hands on their limited edition collection goodies.
Alluring Aquatics is MAC’s new summer collection for this year (2014), inspired by water. For their summer collection, MAC have really pushed the boat out (pun intended) with the Alluring Aquatics collection. From the detailed packing design to the different shades available. The packing on the lipsticks really visually appealing. Elegantly decorated with sheer water droplets that appear almost life like. These are also on the boxes of each product. 

 What do Mac have to say about their new summer collection?
 ‘yes take on a subtle radiance in tarnished olive, seafoam and darkened plum Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, lined with the pearlized black of Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner. Luminous Extra Dimension Blush gives cheeks a goddess glow and nails glisten in aquatic chrome. Lipstick, Lipglass and Lip Pencil feature dark, mystical violets and ice-cold pearlized nudes. Limited edition teal packaging, elegantly accented with sheer water droplets, leaves you totally seduced by the sea.

 I have to admit, I was a little late purchasing my products. As soon as they hit the makeup stands they tend to sell out rather quickly. I was lucky enough to visit House of Fraser, who still had a few left of each item. After many minutes swatching, applying and general ‘umming and arring’ over the selection, I opted for two lipsticks and a lipglass. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, I wanted them all – but-no-can-do on my student budget unfortunately. I finally decided on Pet me please frost finish lipstick, the Modern Lure lip glass and Enhanced one matte lipstick

 MAC Enchanted One Lipstick is described as a “mid-tone neutral pink with a Matte finish.” It’s a muted, medium peachy-coral with warm undertones and a subtle rosiness, and it has a matte finish. When applying this product, I applied it with a brush rather than from the bullet itself. Too much of this colour can look unforgiving on my skin tone. 

 MAC Pet Me, Please Lipstick is described as a “light shimmering mauve with a Frost finish.” It’s a light-medium, peachy-beige with a hint of mauve/gray to it, but it still looked rather warm-toned overall. It had semi-opaque colour coverage, so the natural lip colour is going to influence the tone and colour of the lipstick applied. From what I’ve read, Pet Me, Please is a re-release but this Alluring Aquatics is a more pigmented version.

 Modern Lure lipglass is described as a “deep violet with pink pearl.” It’s a cool-toned, medium berry-red with a smattering of cool-toned, fuchsia pink shimmer. I LOVE this colour. This was the only lip glass I was persuaded to buy purely because of the on-trend purple colour. I think this shimmering lipglass would look gorgeous ontop on MAC’s satin finish rebel lipstick.

The Alluring aquatics definitely has to be one of my favourite MAC collections to date. I can’t wait for the other upcoming summer MAC collections.

 What has been your recent MAC purchase?

Lucilla xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

NEW SensatioNail Fuse gelnamel kit review

I was so excited when i got the chance to review this little luxury. Gel nail have been the a beauty must for a few years now and with the release of sensation first kit it became more accessible and affordable.

Fuse gelnamel in shade 'Na No way '

SensatioNail l have recently launched new sub brand fuse. A DIY gel nail brand aimed at the younger crowd. The new Fuse kit only cost £35 which is quite a considerable difference to the £69 price tag of sensational original gel nail kit.  The fuse kit boasts  All-in-one gennamel formula, one-coat coverage, 30-second flash-dry (using the supplied LED lamp) , anti-chip technology and super shiny long lasting gel nails. Whats not to love? The new fuse starter kits are cute at compact and can be powered using a USB or plug into the mains. It’s so compact and small perfect for popping into your luggage when travels – ideal as holiday season is approaching.

What the fuse starter kit contains

What does the kit include?
Fuse LED lamp
Fuse Gelnamel (10.65ml)
12 lint-free wipe
Double sided nail buffer

In comparison to the SensatioNail gel nail kits its less fussy as you only have to apply the ‘gelnamel’ and no top coat is needed. It does state you only need one coat of the polish for an even manicure , but at least two coats are needed as the first one can look very streaky and uneven.

I sat down with glass of wine and followed the instructions with precise caution, giving myself a DIY pamper session. I buffed cleansed applied a thin coat and cured under the included LED lamp. One coat is definitely not enough the finish was patchy and streaky. I applied a second coat and the finish was a lot better. I was really happy until a few hours later one of my nails chipped and the rest followed suit. So disappointed as this didn’t deliver the results it promised.
Fuse gelnamel in shade 'Na No way ' started kit
Unfortunately I don’t think this kit is worth it as my nails started to chip less than 24 hours. Gel nails should last at least A week if applied properly. You can use other gel nail polishes with the lamp so is good that you can use other brands – the original SensatioNail l polishes are a lot better! The other downside to the kit is the compact LED kit is small so you can only do one nail at a time but the smaller size would be great for travelling with only a limited space. I have to say I don’t think the kit is worth the price tag and if you are after a at home gel kit I would opt for the original sensational gel kit.

               Lucilla xx
RRP £35.00
*This product was sent to me to review.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

NEW Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer review

 Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer is the latest edition to the popular drugstore cosmetics range. The new skin Perfecting primer has a lightweight formula which minimises the appearance of pores alike Benefits porefessional primer. As summer is approaching finding a primer to keep you looking matte and not oily as the temperatures rise is essential.

I have been using this primer for around 3 weeks and cannot stress enough how much I love love love it!. This primer was a gamble as I had not read any reviews on it before as it had only just launched. What tempted me to try it was the attractable price tag of £5.99. I would happily pay more for it as I feel its an absolute bargain at that price. The simple white and purple packaging is not overly fussy and simply chic. The fact that it’s a squeeze tube is a bonus as it mean you can get every last bit out of the 30ml tube and control how much product you need.

 The texture has a lightweight feel of a moisturiser but slightly thick – I think this is due to the silicone. The primer itself has a  white colour to it but once rubbed in becomes transparent . I usually dot this dot the primer onto my face  , starting  in the areas I am prone to shine and rub into my skin in circular motions. Rimmel claims the primer will help you stay matte for up to 8 hours and can be worn on top of underneath your makeup. I put the primer underneath my  MAC studio fix foundation but on top of my moisturiser and it makes my  makeup look flawlessly matte all day – even after a 9 hours shift at work.

If you suffer from oily/combination skin you should definitely try this primer. Overall this has to be the BEST drugstore primer I have tired and I have tried a few! The Rimmel Stay matte primer is now a staple in the makeup essentials. I can confidently say I think that I have found my holy grail primer.

Whats your favourite primer? 

              Lucilla xx

Friday, 7 March 2014

My Favourite Facial Oil

As facial oils are causing a big buzz in the skincare beauty world at the moment, due to the launch of L’Oreal new 
Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil.  I thought I’d review the affordable Botanics Organic Facial Oil alternative that I have been using for quite some time. The Botanics Organic Facial Oil pure organic and 100% goodness.

The soothing oil only contains natural ingredients, which is a bonus as I don’t like putting too many harsh chemical and ingredients on my skin. All packed in this mighty 25ml glass bottle is seven aromatic  oils including Argan ,Sweet almond , rosehip  and orange oil, as well as extracts from Kew gardens extracts from kew gardens.

 Rosehip and argan oil are infamously known for rejuvenating  , conditioning  and reducing appearance of scars and marks.  This initially swayed me to give the botanic’s facial oil , as I have purchased triology's rosehip oil at a whopping £16.50 for a 20 ml and could no longer afford to keep purchasing it . 
The luscious oil is versatile as it contains only natural organic ingredients you can use it to moisturise cuticles , reduce split end and dryness on your hair.

I use this product instead of my night time facial moisturiser before I go to bed , or if I feel my skin Is dry I use it in conjunction with my palmers even tone moisturiser.  Using the dropper i put three or four drops on my face – forehead, and both my checks . The dropper that comes with the oil is useful for getting just the right amount. Using circular motions I massage the nursing oil into my skin. 

I have noticed that my is glowing and more radiant the morning after I use it. It’s also baby soft I would high recommend this if you suffer from dry skin or after treating your skin . If you use the premium oils, consider this more than just a budget alternative. It really works!

Have you tried any facial oils? 

              Lucilla xx

RRP £9.99
Available to purchase at Boots. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

NEW L'Oreal liquid lipstick review and swatches

If you can't decide between lipstick or gloss, try this... you wont regret it.
I was recently sent the NEW L’Oreal liquid lipstick to try which I am very excited to share with you all.
 601 nude ballet (top swatch)401 fuchsia drama (bottom swatch)
I was so excited to try this I screamed and jumped around ( yes actually screamed). It’s the new one of a kind on lipstick drug store makeup scene.  I was sent shades 601 nude ballet a soft neutral pink, perfect for my skin tone as it is a warm nude  - cool nudes don’t agree with my skin tone and often make me look grey. The second shade I was sent was shade 401 fuchsia drama. As the name suggest it a bold punchy pink, perfect for creating that statement lip.

How’s does L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid lipstick differ from the other lipsticks on the market? 
They’ve expertly replaced  the waxes with oils so that it liquid lipsticks creates a high shine finish yet leaves your lips baby soft with incredible shine and softness. The high pigmented colours as expected from the L’Oreal colour Richie range are incredible true to the swatch on the end of the tube.

How’s does L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid lipstick differ from the other lipsticks on the market? They’ve expertly replaced  the waxes with oils so that it liquid lipsticks creates a high shine finish yet leaves your lips baby soft with incredible shine and softness. The high pigmented colours as expected from the L’Oreal colour Richie range are incredible true to the swatch on the end of the tube.
I have to admit I don’t think this would have been a product I would have chosen myself, as I hate drug store lip glosses as they tend to be extremely sticky and need reapplying often. The L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid lipstick has changed my opinion. This is defiantly one of a kind. It feels soft like as it you have applied a lip balm.  No stickiness in sight, just high colour intensity and high shine gloss.  The feather soft wand makes even application and further more makes It easy to apply the product – no need to use a separate lip brush

Most lip gloss and lipsticks have unpleasant smell but this smell is pleasantly different a fresh fruity smell. I think is down to the  this enriched with lotus flower, argan, camelia seed and nourishing rose canina fruit oils.  I do have to reapply every  3-4 hours but that has outworn the wear time of any lip glosses I have tired (Apart from the mac pro-long wear).

I will defiantly be purchasing some more of the shades available and recommend you try the new liquid lipstick have not been your thing in the past. You won’t be disappointed .

What’s your favourite lip gloss?
Lucilla xx
RRP £8.99. Exclusive to Boots
Available in 9 shades.
*This product was sent to me to review

Friday, 8 November 2013

Winter skincare routine : Including L'Oreal skin perfect range & Palmers dark spot corrector

As mentioned in one of my first blog post I love to switch up my skincare routine, as the seasons change to adjust to my skincare needs (Also a great excuse to try new products!).
 In autumn/winter my skin tends to be drier as the temperature drops and gets colder, so moistening is essential. Even those with oily skin believe it or not need to moisturise, so don’t go skipping that step. Although I change my products I keep the same 3 essential skincare steps of cleansing , toning and moisturising

Cleansing : to free from dirt

I can’t express how much I LOVE the L’Oreal cleansing oil. I was hesitant to try because of my oily/combination skin type I had when I first tried it. Since using the cleansing oil, my skin has become less oily and has become more ‘normal’. Resulting in less breakouts and has evened out my tone a lot. I recently learnt that you shouldn't use makeup/facial wipes to remove your makeup every night as this strips the skin of its natural and essential oils, which can lead to breakouts, dry and damaged skin.

The L’Oreal cleansing oil is marketed as a 15 second quick cleanser, but does take more than 15 seconds to use. I rub a small amount into dry skin – yes dry! Even with makeup still on. And if effortlessly dissolves makeup including mascara. I rinse the oil off and follow with my toner. I urge EVERYONE to try this I will assure you will love it. It is a little bit pricey at RRP £7.99. But I have noticed many store have it on offer seeing as it is relatively new.

Apart from the cleansing oil i also use the 
L’Oreal radiance exfoliator, once a day usually at night after i have taken off my makeup. The fantastic scrub smells exactly like apricots - yum! And great thing about this exfoliator is that it can even be used on sensitive skin as it isn’t harsh on the skin, but it is effective enough to remove dirt and keep skin looking radiant.

Occasionally if my skin is suffering from blemished I use the Clearasil superfruit refreshing pads. Warning these have quite a strong smell. They smell a lot like raspberry vodka – haha. These effective pads cleanse and exfoliate to help keep skin clear, and contain skin friendly superfruit antioxidants raspberry and cranberry extracts as well as vitamin B3. Although I’m not too keen on the smell these pads do the job and help clear up my blemish breakouts

Toning : to remove dead skin cells and also removing any dirt , makeup or cleanser that may remain after cleansing

I have stuck with same cleaner I have been using all summer simply because it does an amazing job. Obviously as I am in my early 20s I didn't buy this for its anti-wrinkle properties. I first tried the Boots time delay brightening 
 toning water on a whim as I wanted my skin to appear more radiant and even tone.  The scent is not to strong and quite fresh. It’s fantastically removes any makeup and dirt left on my skin after cleansing, but gently exfoliates removing dead skin cells.  I use this morning and night following my cleanser.

Weekly facemask!
I always take time out during the week to pamper myself at home. Brows, nails , facemask, the lot. I was recommended The Body Shop Tea tree face mask by a friend and recently The Body Shop have had some fantastic deals on (including 40% all products),  I thought there no time like the present to try it out. The smell of this isn’t overpowering so as it instantly cools and cleanses my skin , the smell isn’t going to make me regret putting it on . It not only contains fair trade Tea tree oil but also lemon tea tree oil and tamaru oil , reducing breakouts without overdrying your skin. This facemask leaves my skin baby soft each week I use it

Moisturising :
to add or restore moisture

Ah the joys of autumn and winter chills can leave your skin feel extremely dehydrated and unpleasantly dry. Recently my skin has been exposed to the harsh cold autumn elements, leaving it feeling a little dry.
I have discovered a moisturiser that accommodates my desire for achieve a even skin tone but, also moisturising my skin effectively without blocking my pores. Palmers eventone dark spot corrector is a multitasking moisturiser . It visibly targets dark spots, age spots, post acne scars (this is a big problem of mine) and also sun damage. This mighty gel like moisturiser is also packed with vitamin c and Songyi mushroom extract (known for perfecting pigmentation). I have been using this a couple of weeks now and I have fallen in love with it so lightweight but yet so effective great new addition to my skincare routine.   – Review coming soon in the next week!

Trilogy Rosehip oil is a hit with celebrities because it has anti-wrinkle, scar reduction and  properties . At a pricey £16 for a 20ml bottle I was sceptical to try this out due it price tag. I add a few drops to my face along with my moisturiser at night  and massage into my skin. As I haven’t been using this a long while I haven’t noticed any noticeable changes in regards to by scars yet but hopefully in the upcoming weeks that will change. My skin has become a lot more soft and I am experiencing fewer breakouts since I started using the nourishing oil. Ill keep you beauties informed with how I am finding the Triology rosehip oil.

I hope my blog post has left you feeling inspired to switch up your skincare routines. Let me know what new products you have included for autumn / winter.

What’s your skincare must have product?

Lucilla xx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Belated Birthday Haul

Ciao Bella!

So this a really belated post, but i have been so busy lately with new exciting upcoming events it’s been hard to fit blogging in. But I'm back now and have a few posts planned for the next upcoming week. It was my 20th birthday back in May, so as expected here is my (belated) birthday haul. I didn't get a lot of stuff but i got what i asked for so i can't really complain..


I always ask for  makeup products that i haven't tried yet, as i love trying out new products or old favourites.

Sleek Blusher & Sleek Pout Paint
I've been dying to try Sleek blushers as many YouTube guru boast how good these are. I was persuaded to ask to a coral shade – sunrise. It looks so natural and almost like a complimentary high lighter.
The sleek pout paints are a dupe for the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar. I was gifted the dark fuchsia shade shade 159 Port which is a deep pink – perfect for a bold statement lip. 

L’Oreal Studio Secret Primer

I’ve tried many different primers but always seem to come back to this little gem. Its priced at £14.29 for 15ml (nearly £1 per 1ml – but its worth it!) . You only need to apply a pea sized amount so it does last a couple of month if you use it every day. It’s a velvet texture which easily glides onto my skin and is easily rubbed in. I apply the primer after I have applied my moisturiser. I can’t go without a base primer as It makes my makeup look flawless and last all day. I would class this primer as heavy duty as it more durable than other primers such as the Rimmel Fix and perfect.
Left to Right:
Clinique eyeliner
Sleek blush in shade
L'oreal Studio secret primer

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
This is a another anticipated product I couldn't wait to try out as Benefits they're real mascara has been such a controversial product within the beauty world. You either love it or hate it. Although the majority of reviews I have watched and read have been brilliant. Although I’m not sure I will be replacing it after I have used this birthday gift, as it is expensively priced at £19 for 8.5g.

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake
Id heard rave reviews about Illamasqua highly pigment eyebrow cake and was in no hesitant state to put It on my birthday wish list. I choose the dark brown shade – thunder. Eye brown cakes aims to ‘Give your eyebrows the edge. Shape and define to frame your eyes and enhance your expressive side. Match with your natural colour or experiment with different tones for an alternative look. Use dry for soft definition or mixed with water or Sealing Gel for a sharp shape.’ So far I have loved this product and have been teaming it with the inexpensive MUA eyebrow pencil and Illamasqua sealing gel, to really make my brows frame my face. Eyebrow cake retails at £15.50 and is available in 6 different shades.
Left to Right:
Sleek Pout Paint in shade Port
Benefit they're real mascara
Illamasqua in shade thunder

Okay , so I got quite a strange mix of accessories for my birthday but it was 

essentials I needed. Venus & Olay Razor , elegant touch crackle nails and a real techniques powder brush. 

Venus & Olay Razor
This is Venus’ newest razor and contains Olay Moisture Bars to release skin conditioners to help reduce dryness and also has 5 Venus blades. It’s like a 2 in 1 razor as you don’t need shaving gel to shave with this as it is ‘built in’. Any Venus blades fit a Venus razor so, after I have finished using this blade I’m going to try out a few differen tones.

Elegant Touch Crackle Nails
The limited edition pack contains 24 short nails in 10 different sizes , glue included. Crackle polish is still on-going trend and having falsies combined with crackle are perfect for when im in a rush to get ready for a spontaneous (or planned) night out.  I haven't tried these out yet but can’t wait to do so.

 Real Techniques Powder Brush.
I already have  real techniques  but I suppose I girl can't have too many makeup brushes! As this is quite a versatile brush , can be used to apply powder foundations , setting powder, bronzer just to name a few . It does help to have more than one.


I wear perfume every single day and usually choose my scent depending on my mood. The two fab perfumes i received for my birthday was the new Britney spears Island Fantasy perfume and Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia
I wouldn't usually go for Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia as i don't feel that its aimed at young people, but its a pleasant surprise as it smells so lovely and slightly fruity.  I would definitely suggest you beauties try and smells this scent as it surprisingly enticing.  

·        Heartnotes
Jasmine, aquatic note
·        Top notes
Crushed mint leaves, limone primo flore
·        Basenotes
Cedarwood heart, brown sugar, labdanum
·        Scent
·        Feel
Powerful   (takenfrom

Britney spears Island Fantasy
I have collected all of the Britney Spears fantasy perfumes as they sweet and fruity - just what i like in a evening perfume. Its described as a 'mouthwatering mix of citrus cocktail, mandarin, clementine, watery melon and red fruits intertwines with refreshing floral notes of jasmine, freesia and violet A surprising finish of soft musky undertones and sugar cane makes the tantalizing aroma carefree, flirty and feminine'. This is perfect for summer but is a little too heavy to wear during the day.  Out of all the Fantasty perfumes this is so far my favourite. 

o    Heart notes
Jasmine, Violet, and Freesia
o    Top notes
citrus, mandarin, clementine, and watermelon
o    Base notes
Musk and Sugar Cane
o    Scent
o    Feel
Flirty (taken from


I have been itching to get a professional SLR camera for ages. So was extremely  happy when i got the EOS Digital SLR Canon 600D for my birthday.  Its main features include:  18-megapixel CMOS sensor, Scene Intelligent Auto mode, Full-HD EOS Movie, On-screen Feature Guide,Up to 3.7fps continuous shooting ,Basic+ and Creative Filters and Built-in wireless flash control. You can expect clearing looking pictures from me now and when i get to grips with editing software maybe a few videos too. 

What's on your birthday wish list?
Lucilla xx


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