Friday, 7 March 2014

My Favourite Facial Oil

As facial oils are causing a big buzz in the skincare beauty world at the moment, due to the launch of L’Oreal new 
Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil.  I thought I’d review the affordable Botanics Organic Facial Oil alternative that I have been using for quite some time. The Botanics Organic Facial Oil pure organic and 100% goodness.

The soothing oil only contains natural ingredients, which is a bonus as I don’t like putting too many harsh chemical and ingredients on my skin. All packed in this mighty 25ml glass bottle is seven aromatic  oils including Argan ,Sweet almond , rosehip  and orange oil, as well as extracts from Kew gardens extracts from kew gardens.

 Rosehip and argan oil are infamously known for rejuvenating  , conditioning  and reducing appearance of scars and marks.  This initially swayed me to give the botanic’s facial oil , as I have purchased triology's rosehip oil at a whopping £16.50 for a 20 ml and could no longer afford to keep purchasing it . 
The luscious oil is versatile as it contains only natural organic ingredients you can use it to moisturise cuticles , reduce split end and dryness on your hair.

I use this product instead of my night time facial moisturiser before I go to bed , or if I feel my skin Is dry I use it in conjunction with my palmers even tone moisturiser.  Using the dropper i put three or four drops on my face – forehead, and both my checks . The dropper that comes with the oil is useful for getting just the right amount. Using circular motions I massage the nursing oil into my skin. 

I have noticed that my is glowing and more radiant the morning after I use it. It’s also baby soft I would high recommend this if you suffer from dry skin or after treating your skin . If you use the premium oils, consider this more than just a budget alternative. It really works!

Have you tried any facial oils? 

              Lucilla xx

RRP £9.99
Available to purchase at Boots. 



sounds great! :)

beautybylucilla. said...

I have been trying a few facial oils at the moment. Will be a review up soon!
Thanks for stopping by.

Lucilla x

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