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Belated Birthday Haul

Ciao Bella!

So this a really belated post, but i have been so busy lately with new exciting upcoming events it’s been hard to fit blogging in. But I'm back now and have a few posts planned for the next upcoming week. It was my 20th birthday back in May, so as expected here is my (belated) birthday haul. I didn't get a lot of stuff but i got what i asked for so i can't really complain..


I always ask for  makeup products that i haven't tried yet, as i love trying out new products or old favourites.

Sleek Blusher & Sleek Pout Paint
I've been dying to try Sleek blushers as many YouTube guru boast how good these are. I was persuaded to ask to a coral shade – sunrise. It looks so natural and almost like a complimentary high lighter.
The sleek pout paints are a dupe for the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar. I was gifted the dark fuchsia shade shade 159 Port which is a deep pink – perfect for a bold statement lip. 

L’Oreal Studio Secret Primer

I’ve tried many different primers but always seem to come back to this little gem. Its priced at £14.29 for 15ml (nearly £1 per 1ml – but its worth it!) . You only need to apply a pea sized amount so it does last a couple of month if you use it every day. It’s a velvet texture which easily glides onto my skin and is easily rubbed in. I apply the primer after I have applied my moisturiser. I can’t go without a base primer as It makes my makeup look flawless and last all day. I would class this primer as heavy duty as it more durable than other primers such as the Rimmel Fix and perfect.
Left to Right:
Clinique eyeliner
Sleek blush in shade
L'oreal Studio secret primer

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
This is a another anticipated product I couldn't wait to try out as Benefits they're real mascara has been such a controversial product within the beauty world. You either love it or hate it. Although the majority of reviews I have watched and read have been brilliant. Although I’m not sure I will be replacing it after I have used this birthday gift, as it is expensively priced at £19 for 8.5g.

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake
Id heard rave reviews about Illamasqua highly pigment eyebrow cake and was in no hesitant state to put It on my birthday wish list. I choose the dark brown shade – thunder. Eye brown cakes aims to ‘Give your eyebrows the edge. Shape and define to frame your eyes and enhance your expressive side. Match with your natural colour or experiment with different tones for an alternative look. Use dry for soft definition or mixed with water or Sealing Gel for a sharp shape.’ So far I have loved this product and have been teaming it with the inexpensive MUA eyebrow pencil and Illamasqua sealing gel, to really make my brows frame my face. Eyebrow cake retails at £15.50 and is available in 6 different shades.
Left to Right:
Sleek Pout Paint in shade Port
Benefit they're real mascara
Illamasqua in shade thunder

Okay , so I got quite a strange mix of accessories for my birthday but it was 

essentials I needed. Venus & Olay Razor , elegant touch crackle nails and a real techniques powder brush. 

Venus & Olay Razor
This is Venus’ newest razor and contains Olay Moisture Bars to release skin conditioners to help reduce dryness and also has 5 Venus blades. It’s like a 2 in 1 razor as you don’t need shaving gel to shave with this as it is ‘built in’. Any Venus blades fit a Venus razor so, after I have finished using this blade I’m going to try out a few differen tones.

Elegant Touch Crackle Nails
The limited edition pack contains 24 short nails in 10 different sizes , glue included. Crackle polish is still on-going trend and having falsies combined with crackle are perfect for when im in a rush to get ready for a spontaneous (or planned) night out.  I haven't tried these out yet but can’t wait to do so.

 Real Techniques Powder Brush.
I already have  real techniques  but I suppose I girl can't have too many makeup brushes! As this is quite a versatile brush , can be used to apply powder foundations , setting powder, bronzer just to name a few . It does help to have more than one.


I wear perfume every single day and usually choose my scent depending on my mood. The two fab perfumes i received for my birthday was the new Britney spears Island Fantasy perfume and Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia
I wouldn't usually go for Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia as i don't feel that its aimed at young people, but its a pleasant surprise as it smells so lovely and slightly fruity.  I would definitely suggest you beauties try and smells this scent as it surprisingly enticing.  

·        Heartnotes
Jasmine, aquatic note
·        Top notes
Crushed mint leaves, limone primo flore
·        Basenotes
Cedarwood heart, brown sugar, labdanum
·        Scent
·        Feel
Powerful   (takenfrom

Britney spears Island Fantasy
I have collected all of the Britney Spears fantasy perfumes as they sweet and fruity - just what i like in a evening perfume. Its described as a 'mouthwatering mix of citrus cocktail, mandarin, clementine, watery melon and red fruits intertwines with refreshing floral notes of jasmine, freesia and violet A surprising finish of soft musky undertones and sugar cane makes the tantalizing aroma carefree, flirty and feminine'. This is perfect for summer but is a little too heavy to wear during the day.  Out of all the Fantasty perfumes this is so far my favourite. 

o    Heart notes
Jasmine, Violet, and Freesia
o    Top notes
citrus, mandarin, clementine, and watermelon
o    Base notes
Musk and Sugar Cane
o    Scent
o    Feel
Flirty (taken from


I have been itching to get a professional SLR camera for ages. So was extremely  happy when i got the EOS Digital SLR Canon 600D for my birthday.  Its main features include:  18-megapixel CMOS sensor, Scene Intelligent Auto mode, Full-HD EOS Movie, On-screen Feature Guide,Up to 3.7fps continuous shooting ,Basic+ and Creative Filters and Built-in wireless flash control. You can expect clearing looking pictures from me now and when i get to grips with editing software maybe a few videos too. 

What's on your birthday wish list?
Lucilla xx


Adjusting Beauty said...

I also love Fanstasy perfumes. My favorite is Fantasy-pink. I was so happy to see she made another one (and oh my good the colors:) ), but a little worried because of all the citrus notes in it. Would you say it's still her sweet smell? To which one from fantasy collection is this one most similar?

threelittlebirds said...

I've been lusting over the benfit they're real mascara for ages! Is it any good?:)



Nessie Hill said...

Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx

Emily Knott said...

My 21st is coming up soon and I seem to have accumulated a rather long birthday wish list which is full of beauty products! oopsy! Love some of the bits you have here!

Diana said...

Great post! Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

Angela said...

Wow what amazing presents! I really want to try both of those perfumes

Would appreciate if you checked my blog :)

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