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Winter skincare routine : Including L'Oreal skin perfect range & Palmers dark spot corrector

As mentioned in one of my first blog post I love to switch up my skincare routine, as the seasons change to adjust to my skincare needs (Also a great excuse to try new products!).
 In autumn/winter my skin tends to be drier as the temperature drops and gets colder, so moistening is essential. Even those with oily skin believe it or not need to moisturise, so don’t go skipping that step. Although I change my products I keep the same 3 essential skincare steps of cleansing , toning and moisturising

Cleansing : to free from dirt

I can’t express how much I LOVE the L’Oreal cleansing oil. I was hesitant to try because of my oily/combination skin type I had when I first tried it. Since using the cleansing oil, my skin has become less oily and has become more ‘normal’. Resulting in less breakouts and has evened out my tone a lot. I recently learnt that you shouldn't use makeup/facial wipes to remove your makeup every night as this strips the skin of its natural and essential oils, which can lead to breakouts, dry and damaged skin.

The L’Oreal cleansing oil is marketed as a 15 second quick cleanser, but does take more than 15 seconds to use. I rub a small amount into dry skin – yes dry! Even with makeup still on. And if effortlessly dissolves makeup including mascara. I rinse the oil off and follow with my toner. I urge EVERYONE to try this I will assure you will love it. It is a little bit pricey at RRP £7.99. But I have noticed many store have it on offer seeing as it is relatively new.

Apart from the cleansing oil i also use the 
L’Oreal radiance exfoliator, once a day usually at night after i have taken off my makeup. The fantastic scrub smells exactly like apricots - yum! And great thing about this exfoliator is that it can even be used on sensitive skin as it isn’t harsh on the skin, but it is effective enough to remove dirt and keep skin looking radiant.

Occasionally if my skin is suffering from blemished I use the Clearasil superfruit refreshing pads. Warning these have quite a strong smell. They smell a lot like raspberry vodka – haha. These effective pads cleanse and exfoliate to help keep skin clear, and contain skin friendly superfruit antioxidants raspberry and cranberry extracts as well as vitamin B3. Although I’m not too keen on the smell these pads do the job and help clear up my blemish breakouts

Toning : to remove dead skin cells and also removing any dirt , makeup or cleanser that may remain after cleansing

I have stuck with same cleaner I have been using all summer simply because it does an amazing job. Obviously as I am in my early 20s I didn't buy this for its anti-wrinkle properties. I first tried the Boots time delay brightening 
 toning water on a whim as I wanted my skin to appear more radiant and even tone.  The scent is not to strong and quite fresh. It’s fantastically removes any makeup and dirt left on my skin after cleansing, but gently exfoliates removing dead skin cells.  I use this morning and night following my cleanser.

Weekly facemask!
I always take time out during the week to pamper myself at home. Brows, nails , facemask, the lot. I was recommended The Body Shop Tea tree face mask by a friend and recently The Body Shop have had some fantastic deals on (including 40% all products),  I thought there no time like the present to try it out. The smell of this isn’t overpowering so as it instantly cools and cleanses my skin , the smell isn’t going to make me regret putting it on . It not only contains fair trade Tea tree oil but also lemon tea tree oil and tamaru oil , reducing breakouts without overdrying your skin. This facemask leaves my skin baby soft each week I use it

Moisturising :
to add or restore moisture

Ah the joys of autumn and winter chills can leave your skin feel extremely dehydrated and unpleasantly dry. Recently my skin has been exposed to the harsh cold autumn elements, leaving it feeling a little dry.
I have discovered a moisturiser that accommodates my desire for achieve a even skin tone but, also moisturising my skin effectively without blocking my pores. Palmers eventone dark spot corrector is a multitasking moisturiser . It visibly targets dark spots, age spots, post acne scars (this is a big problem of mine) and also sun damage. This mighty gel like moisturiser is also packed with vitamin c and Songyi mushroom extract (known for perfecting pigmentation). I have been using this a couple of weeks now and I have fallen in love with it so lightweight but yet so effective great new addition to my skincare routine.   – Review coming soon in the next week!

Trilogy Rosehip oil is a hit with celebrities because it has anti-wrinkle, scar reduction and  properties . At a pricey £16 for a 20ml bottle I was sceptical to try this out due it price tag. I add a few drops to my face along with my moisturiser at night  and massage into my skin. As I haven’t been using this a long while I haven’t noticed any noticeable changes in regards to by scars yet but hopefully in the upcoming weeks that will change. My skin has become a lot more soft and I am experiencing fewer breakouts since I started using the nourishing oil. Ill keep you beauties informed with how I am finding the Triology rosehip oil.

I hope my blog post has left you feeling inspired to switch up your skincare routines. Let me know what new products you have included for autumn / winter.

What’s your skincare must have product?

Lucilla xx


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