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Spring clean your makeup bag

Ciao Bella!

So with spring upon us, its a great time to de-clutter and refresh your make up bag. Out with the old in with the new!

When you should you throw away makeup items?

Most make up and beauty products have a symbol on the packing which tells you how long it’s safe to use it for once open. The symbol looks like this: 

This mean that this product can be use for 12 months once opened.

The month varies on each different product. Here’s a few  examples :

Left: Eyeshadow - 18 Months expiry once opened
Middle: Toner - 24 Months expiry once opened
Right: Nail Polish remover - 30 months expiry once expiry

  • When used daily most foundations will run out before they expire. I normally go through bottle of my MAC Studio fix foundation once every 3 months. So it always runs out before it expires.
  • I keep the lid and clean of excess product with a makeup remover wipe , so that it doesn't harbor germs.
  • If you occasionally use your foundation, replace after 18 months.

  • You should replace your mascara every 1-2 months if you use it daily . If you use  sporadically  use, throw out once it starts to dry up.  
  • The more mascara is exposed to air, the faster it will dry so secure top after every use. 
  • Most mascara have a guide line expiry date of 6-12 months.

  • I hate messy lipsticks containers, so i keep the tube and applicator free of excess pigment with frequent wipe downs (using a cleansing wipe).
  • For a more throughout cleansing of my lipsticks spritz alcohol on the top of lipstick and then scrape top layer off on paper towel, removing bacteria while refreshing the pigment. 
  • The expiry date of lipsticks is usually 2-3 years.


  •  Eye, face and cheek powders can be used for years, however the pigment begins to fade with age. 
  • Powders can also dry up due to exposure and become difficult to blend on skin. 
  • Throw out and replace after 12-18 months.

  • Frequent sharpening removes any bacteria from the pencil tip, but be sure that the sharpener is kept clean. 
  •  If the sharper is proving hard to clean soak it in hot water then remove products. 
  • Most eye and lip pencils have an expiry date of 3 months. 

  •  Clean the mirror (or top lid) of container and any borders between sections with cotton bud.  This removes bacteria.

Tools and Brushes. 
  •  Wipe away left over mascara from eyelash curler or soak in hot water to remove dried-on product – this stops the curler from pulling out your lashes when curling. 
  • I usually wash my brushes after every use as oil and bacteria get trapped in the brushes bristles , these can cause breakouts. 
  • I wash my brushes using a gentle shampoo such a Johnson baby shampoo, to remove the product from the brush and using a antiseptic to cleanse the brush such as MAC’s brush cleanser.
  • Makeup sponges are disposable tools, which also harbor bacteria and oil if not washed frequently. I wash after every use and throw out within 1 month, or when the sponge begins to tear. 

Also whilst your cleaning out your makeup bag consider your skincare products:
  • Facial Cleansers & Moisturizers expire after 6 months 
  • Facial Toners expire after 1 year 
  • Natural Cosmetics expire after 6 months

    I hope this was useful!


claire ashfield said...

Wow i need to get emptying my makeup bag! i have so much old make up gathered over time!! Great post! xx

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