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Why i love my MAC foundation !

Ciao Bella!

On most days I apply a fullcoverage foundation as i have considerably bad pigmentation marks onboth cheeks on my face, left from old blemishes. I have been usingMAC for almost 4 years and still can't find a full coveragefoundation nor powder which matches the coverage & finish of MAC'sStudio fix liquid  foundation and Studio fix powder plus foundation. The great thing about MAC as a makeup brand is they cater for women of allcolour and skin types. Most foundation in drugstores and on thehighstreet  have a 'one fits all' problem, which can lead to you pickingthe foundation not best for your colour & skin type.

My current foundation & Powder duo :
Studio fix fluid in NC45 & studio fix powder plus foundation in NC50

As i suffer from relatively oily skinin particular my tzone, i picked a foundation which is oil free, asthis would only add to problem.  Previously,  (when i wasfeeling adventurous)i  tried MAC's studio sculpt foundation whichis a gel like texture which i found awful for my skin type as it left skin it looking extremely oily and made me break out. The studio sculpt seem to be infavour of people who suffer from dry skin .  The studio fix fluid leavesskin look matte, natural &  flawless and i would suggest its more for people who have oily/combination skin.

In relation to colour when i firststarted using MAC foundation the artist who was helping me pick a foundationcolour, suggest i be a NC as i have a 'cool' complexion with no yellowundertones. I was originally swatched to the colour NC50 but i liketo alternate between the two depending on the season, or if i havecatched the sun (yes i do occasionally end up with a suntan!).

Left : NC50
Right NC45

How do i apply?
  • After i have moisturized i apply a primer to my skin, and dot my studio fix liquid foundation on my forehead chin and both cheeks.
  • Using the real techniques buffing brush i work in the foundation in circular motions, until it is all blended in.
  • To set my foundation & for additional coverage i use the studio fix powder plus and dust all over my face using the real techniques powder brush. 
Although MAC has gone up in price sincei first started using it , i still purchase it over and over again, as it wasthe first foundation i feel suited me & my skin needs.

Coverage : Full 
Best for : Oily / Combination skin 
Price: £20.50 for 30ml Studio fix fluid foundation & £20.50 for 15g studio fix powder plus foundation

Pros: A range of colours, Last on skin all day with or without a primer, full coverage, MAC'S recycling programme
Cons: Can be seen as pricey , you have to purchase pump separate
Bottom line: I purchase this over and over again due it  . I would recommend studio fix range to anyone who wants a full coverage foundation that looks natural

What's your favourite foundation?

Vogue xx

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